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6 African-American Picture Books Not to Be Missed in 2019

6 African-American Picture Books Not To Be Missed in 2019

What books are you and your kids looking forward to reading in 2019? At the end of every year, I always look forward to the new books coming out in the year ahead. I can always count on finding new books to amaze, delight, and spark the imaginations of my children. I typically look for…


Six Yoga Moves to Target your Abs

Yoga is such a calming way to ease your mind and build your strength. Whether you’re just starting out or are an avid pro, it is no doubt that yoga can help your strength, flexibility and mental health. What’s even better is that while it can improve those altogether, you can also target certain parts…


My favorite go-to breakfast recipe!

Sometimes I come up with recipes just by using leftovers. This is one of them! It’s a great way to enjoy the remains of last night’s barbecue or roast. Just shred the meat, put it in the refrigerator, and you’re halfway to breakfast. Or poach some chicken, shred it all, and store in the freezer…

Look Younger Lead Image

8 Lifestyle Changes That’ll Make You Look Younger

Aging is certainly something that no one really looks forward to. Your back aches just a little more, you can’t seem to eat everything that you once were able to without gaining a few pounds, your memory might not be as sharp, and oh, those wrinkles. While those are all bound to happen at some…

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