Empowering a Stronger You

Healthy lifestyle advocate, athlete, cook, author, tv host, speaker, mom, and wife—Laila Ali knows what it means to wear many hats.

That’s why her authentic and inspiring lifestyle approach is impassioning so many to live their best life.

As the daughter of beloved global icon, Muhammed Ali, and an undefeated, boxing world-champion in her own right, Laila fostered a strong passion for food, fitness and healthy living at a young age.

She knows firsthand that true self-improvement requires good nutrition, constant self-care and a powerful mindset.

And she’s now sharing that passion with the masses.


Finding Strength, Spirit and Personal Power

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Let's Take This Journey Together

Whether it’s speaking to thousands in a packed arena, gracing the screens of millions as the host of Own Networks, Home Made Simple, or inspiring home cooks everywhere with her best-selling cookbook, Food For Life, Laila hopes her life lessons will empower others on their journey to becoming their strongest and healthiest selves.


Giving Back

Following in her father’s footsteps, Laila has always believed that giving back is one of the greatest things we can do in life.

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