Hone your champion mindset…

Become the best version of yourself!

It starts with taking control of your health.

When you think about going after the goals you’ve always wanted to accomplish, how do you feel?
Excited? Scared?

Or do you feel discouraged?

Champion every area of your life with healthy choices that strengthen your inner power, confidence, and mindset.

Boxing Gloves and Water Bottle
Laila Ali Boxing with Muhammad Ali

Fuel your Legacy

Becoming the most successful female boxer in history didn’t happen overnight. I actually struggled with sharing my love for the sport at first.

My father, the great Muhammad Ali, didn’t even know I was boxing when I first started.

It wasn’t until I focused on my champion mindset, finding my confidence and strength to speak up, that I shared with him my passion for the sport.

An undefeated record and 4 world titles later, I realized that truly taking care of your physical and mental health is how you become a champion.

That champion mindset is what I apply to everything I do: being a mom, a wife, a fitness and wellness advocate, a television host, an author and Home Chef.

Without my champion mindset, juggling all these roles would be a lot more challenging.

Replenishing my health, my purpose and my mindset is how I learned to effectively multitask, manage my family life, and learn to face self-doubt by always pushing to be the best version of myself.

Laila Ali In Gym with Gray Hooded Sweatshirt

What is the sum of your legacy?

Building your legacy is about making holistic, intentional choices.

These choices are what help you become healthier, stronger, and fearless in your pursuit of feeling great.

How you feel about your body and your lifestyle starts with instilling discipline, clarifying your priorities, and implementing them into your routine every single day.

This journey is what helps you define your purpose and reach your goals. This is the sum of your legacy.

Putting my health and my values first is how I built my legacy.

By empowering myself to achieve greatness and learning to thrive in the face of adversity, I am able to focus on my passion: inspiring others to do the same.

Food is a universal connector

It brings us together. Some of the best memories we have are over a shared meal.

Keeping the joy of food alive, while still making health-conscious decisions, starts with substituting harmful ingredients with foods and products good for the body, mind, and earth.

My love for cooking stems from my belief that championing every area of your life is fueled by your health.

No matter how much I love to indulge in sweets and comfort foods, there is always a way to make a healthy twist to your favorite dishes.

That’s the inspiration that helped me launch Food for Life, sharing recipes from my kitchen to yours.


Building Your Legacy Starts With Putting Yourself First

By prioritizing self-care, self-love, passion and purpose, you can take control of your journey.

Conquer your schedule and step into your confident self. Access products that support you in your journey, eliminate toxins from your food, and inspire you to build your own unique legacy.

Ready to step into the best version of yourself?

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“Confidence is found at the intersection of loving yourself and preparing yourself.” - Laila Ali