Why You Should Buy Organic Spices

May 3, 2021

One of the best ways to eat healthy is by spicing up your dish with a variety of spices. From salt and pepper to a cajun medley, the spice rack can be your best friend when looking to up your game in the kitchen. However, not all spices are created equal. You may be surprised to find that some store-bought spices can actually contain a variety of ingredients that can be harmful to your health. You may soon find that it’s best to opt for the organic spices when shopping at your local store.

Many conventional spices contain more ingredients than just a simple herb or spice. Conventional spices can contain a variety of chemicals to make the spice last longer and fill up the container so you get more bang for your buck. You may be exposed to sodium aluminsilicate, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium silicate or even silicon dioxide, all of which can be harmful to your health.

To lower the cost of production for the spices and to enhance the flavor, many brands will use additional fillers and flavors to their ingredients, some of which can even be harmful to your health. In some cases, corn and wheat has been found in paprika, turmeric, oregano, basil, and black pepper. Plus, some spices can even contain too much salt or event sulphate, which is very dangerous to your health, to bring down the cost and enhance flavors.

Lack of Medicinal and Health Benefits
Many herbs and spices can offer us a variety of medicinal and health benefits. When you opt for the conventional spices, you may be missing out on those benefits since some are actually made with toxic additives, GMOs or pesticides. Not only will these counteract the possible benefits that the herbs and spices can provide you, but they can actually harm you!

Many herbs and spices are grown using fumigation or exposing them to radiation to avoid bacteria and other contaminants. This process can actually create carcinogenic by-products that can increase your exposure to free radical damage.

In the end, buying organic spices is the way to go. Organic spices are not allowed to have GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives or other synthetic anti-caking agents. This way, you know exactly what you are getting and paying for. To prepare the spices, organic spices guarantee safe sterilization methods such as steaming where nothing but plain water is used. If you have conventional spices in your pantry or cabinet, toss them straight in the trash or at least slowly replace them with organic options when you shop for your next recipe. Soon, you will be on your way to a safe and healthy meal, one spice at a time.

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