Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

September 5, 2017

Having a good night’s sleep is a very important part of your life. Not only does lack of sleep make you feel tired and cranky, but it can also affect your body, inside and out. We’re here to solve all your sleeping problems to ensure that you are doing all that you can during the day to get the best sleep you can. Because in the end, it’s all about the lifestyle you live from your eating habits to managing stress daily.

Exercise Daily

While you may think that getting your blood pumping will keep you up all night, think again. If you get a steady schedule of working out everyday, you will begin to see the changes in your body and in your sleep. For one, working out increases your body temperature, so when it comes time to cool down, literally, your body will react to that by being tired. This is a great method to catching some Z’s.

Aside from the temperature change, exercise can also help you de-stress from all of your worries. Many people toss and turn at night due anxiety and stress that affects them day in and day out. Working out is a great method to reduce stress and get things off of your mind. When it comes time to sleep, you will have shed off that worry and maybe even some lbs.

Eliminate Electronics


We all do it. You’re in bed and sit in the darkness as you scroll through Instagram or Facebook. After some time at blatantly staring at the screen without blinking, you finally decided to set the phone down…or maybe you fall asleep with it in your hand eventually. While this may be your favorite routine, whether it’s latching onto your phone, tablet, or TV remote, you can be doing damage to your eyes and to your sleep. In fact, using your electronic devices before going to bed can lower levels of melatonin and shorten REM cycles, leaving you restless and extra tired in the morning. It is advised to put electronics away one to two hours before you go to bed.

Nix The Caffeine & Alcohol


Whether you turn to soda, coffee, or a glass of wine, you’re doing damage to your sleep. Having that last glass of soda or alcohol before going to bed will disrupt your sleep and keep you up. Try to finish your last glass two hours before going to bed to avoid it from keeping you up. Not to mention the amount of times you may get up to go to the bathroom because you drank a little too much before getting under the covers. Making this part of your schedule will help you last throughout the night and enjoy the luxury of your sleep.

Create Your Clock   

We know that times can get hectic and that some days just have to last longer than others. But, if you try to stick to a sleep schedule, your body will create its own clock. Try to get to bed and wake up at the same time every day of the week to get your body on a schedule. Once it gets used to the snooze and wake time, your body will go in a cycle and prepare itself for bedtime everyday, letting you get better sleep through each night.

Get In The Zone


From barking dogs, to creaky floors, and everything in between, there are plenty of little noises that can distract us throughout the night keeping us wide-awake. While there are some things you can’t ignore, such as your baby crying in the other room, you can use other objects to help you tune out those distractions. Fans and white noise machines are great for keeping you focused on sleep on not the outside noise.

Make Your Bed Your Oasis

Your bed should be made for two things: sleep and sex. If you use your bed all the time, such as for surfing the web on your laptop, watching TV, or just plain old lounging, your bed will no longer feel like a place for ultimate relaxation. If you avoid using your bed for extra activities, it will soon feel like nothing less of a cloud and help you get to sleep that much faster and easier.


There’s no fooling you here – we wouldn’t joke about sex. Have you ever noticed that falling asleep after sex seems so simple? For one, being close to your partner will ease your stress, letting you relax and not worry about all of the troubles that the day has caused you. Secondly, we encourage you to go for the big O. That’s right, orgasms will help you nod off easily due to the release of the hormone prolactin. This hormone is responsible for the feelings of tiredness and relaxation. So go ahead and get a little busy before bed time.

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