Booty Blasting Workouts

August 7, 2017

No matter what time of year it is, your butt is one of the top body parts you can’t hide. From itty-bitty bikinis in the summer to your warm sweatpants in the winter, chances are your behind is not hiding. So instead of worrying about how you look and not doing anything about it, kick your butt into gear and get to it! These workouts target your booty to ensure you look good coming and going. So, here’s to making your butt one of your best assets. Pun intended.


We’re sure you’ve heard “squats” way too many times. But that’s because they really do work! Stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart, toes pointed forward. Bend your knees, squatting down as if you are about to sit in a chair. Make sure that your knees do not go past over your ankles to prevent damage to your knees. Also, make sure that your back remains in good posture. Repeat each movement for 30 reps, 3 sets.

Donkey Kicks

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This one will surely give that booty a pop. Get on your hands and knees (grab a pillow or towel to put under your knees) with your hands directly under your shoulders to support you up. Take one leg, flexing your foot and kick it up towards the sky, making your foot parallel with the sky. Slowly lower your leg down, bending your knee to the starting position. Repeat this movement for 25 reps, then switch to the other leg. Complete this exercise for 3 sets.

Hip Thrusts

Now’s the time to get a little comfortable with yourself. Lie down on your back with your feet on the floor, bending your knees. Place your arms down by your sides and push your hips up towards the sky, like a nice thrust, squeezing that butt. Slowly lower your hips down back to the floor. Repeat this exercise for 50 reps, 3 sets.
**For an extra burn, lift one leg up in the sky while thrusting your hips. The challenge of balancing on one leg will really get your butt burning.

Step Ups

Grab a box, find some stairs, or use your couch! This exercise requires just a little step to get that booty lifted. Stand in front of the box (or couch) and step up onto the box straightening your knee and letting your back leg dangle over the floor. Step back down and repeat for 25 reps. Switch legs and repeat for a total of 3 sets on each leg.

Fire Hydrants

This exercise is another version of donkey kicks, but will target the side of your glutes to get rid of those unwanted saddlebags. Get down on your hands and knees and grab a towel or pillow to put under your knee. Instead of kicking your leg back and up, keep your leg bent and swing it open to the side. Slowly lower it back down and repeat for 25 reps. Switch legs and complete 3 sets.

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