4 Simple Steps To Clean Out That Pantry For A Fresh Start

August 7, 2017

Whether you’re already on a health kick or are looking for some help to kick-start your new journey to a healthier lifestyle, you’ve landed in the right place. Today is all about getting you on the right track in the kitchen, because as you’ve probably heard before…abs are made in the kitchen. Abs aside, having a healthier kitchen is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only does eating healthy get you closer to that six pack (of abs) but it also helps prevent obesity, diabetes, and further diseases. Need we say more? So let’s dive right in and head straight to that pantry of yours to get you on the right track to a healthier (and cleaner) kitchen.

Out With The Old

First things first, you need to throw out the old. There’s no reason for you to have expired food sitting in the pantry. So read those expiration dates and toss the expired food straight in the trash. You may be surprised how much stuff you have collected over the years and not thrown out or even used! Now there’s a little more space in the pantry…we know it! On to the next.

Get Rid Of The Junk

Here’s where we’re preparing you to get healthy! This means it’s time to throw out all of that junk food. We’re talking chips, cookies, sugary cereals, candy, and more. You may have to read the labels on some things if you aren’t sure. Look for added sugar in food such as ingredients that end in “ose” such as fructose or glucose. If it has those, then toss ’em out! Also look at the serving sizes because that’s where most things fool you!

In With The New

Now that you have thrown out all of your expired and junk food, it’s time to bring in some new stuff! Take a trip to the store and look for healthier options for you to pick out of your pantry when you’re feeling the “munchies”. Oatmeal is a great option for breakfast. Nuts are a fantastic snack to grab because they are a great source of protein. And dried fruit is a great option when you are craving a sweet or bitter taste. If you still feel like you’re missing your favorite snacks like crackers and chips, try an alternative to those by getting multi-grain crackers and vegetable chips. You just may be surprised at how good they are!


Believe it or not, organizing your pantry can guide you in the right direction to eating healthier. Chances are, your appliances are shoved in the back or in a cupboard that you can barely reach, collecting dust. If that’s the case, that probably means you barely use them to cook some delicious meals, and healthy ones for that matter, since they are such a hassle to get out.  By organizing your pantry to placing your appliances such as a blender, crock-pot, or food processor in a more reachable spot, you aren’t going to be as discouraged to grab them to get cooking. More home-cooked, healthy meals are in your near future!

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