Blast That Fat With These High Intensity Workouts

August 7, 2017

High Intensity workouts, known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), are one of the best ways to blast that fat…and quick. The quick bursts in activity make your body work harder and burn calories faster. So drop that spoonful of ice cream and throw on your workout clothes, because it’s time to blast some fat!


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Burpees may be one of the most hated workouts to date. Truth is, they are a pain in the ass and you’ll hate us for bringing them up…but they are so worth it! This workout will not just target one part of your body, but will work out your entire body. Plus, you can modify it to make it easier or harder. The moves are quite simple…start by standing straight up, then bend down to a crouch, jump your legs out where you land in a push-up position, and complete a push-up. Then, jump your feet back in to meet with your hands to get back into the crouch position and end by jumping straight up to land softly back into the starting position. All of this completes one rep. Complete 15 reps, 3 sets and feel the burn!

Jumping Rope

Now it’s time to take you back to your childhood. Jumping rope is a great childhood activity that does wonders for your body. We’re sure you don’t need to be reminded how to do it, it’s just like riding a bike. But we do need to tell you why you need to get back into it! Jumping rope is an amazing workout for your legs (yes, this is a great way to get back into that mini skirt) and it will certainly get your heart beating. Aside from getting some delicious calves, this jump rope exercise is also an amazing cardiovascular workout that makes your heart stronger and healthier.

Squat Jumps

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If you’re looking for a double duty workout, then this one is certainly for you. Squat jumps are a great cardiovascular workout that’ll get that heart beating fast and get that booty nice and firm. Strengthening your heart, butt, and legs, what more could you ask for? Start with your feet hip’s width apart and toes pointed forward. Complete a proper squat by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. Once you are at the bottom of your squat, burst through your toes and jump up as high as you can. Try to land softly using the balls of your feet first and slowly land into the squat position, then jump back up, making a continuous repetition. Complete 20 reps for 3 sets.

Mountain Climbers


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One of the best things about high intensity workouts is that they are all about working more than one thing. Mountain climbers will certainly do the trick by working your entire body, especially your abs, and give you that cardio your body needs. Start out in a pushup position with your hands directly below your shoulders and your balls of your feet on the floor. From this position, you will drive one knee up towards your chest and then switch spots with your other leg, driving the opposite knee into your chest, creating a motion as if you are running up the mountain. To ensure you are getting the best out of this workout, make sure you keep proper form by having your back straight as if in a plank. Complete 25 reps on each leg for 2 sets.


Sprints may sound like one of the simplest workouts to state, but they remain on the top of the list when it comes to high intensity workouts. Whether you are a beginner or an avid athlete, there’s no denying that doing some sprints will give you that push you need to make your heart pound and get your body moving. Start out with a jog and then kick up your feet and sprint for the next 25 yards, then slow back down to your jog, then back to a sprint. When shifting your gears from the light jog to sprint, your body is working extra hard to speed up, which burns quick calories, resulting in a fat blasting workout. Try this jog/sprint combination for a number of minutes or even a few laps around the track to see it do wonders to your body.

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