Summer Activities To Keep Your Kids Active

July 16, 2018

Just because summer has arrived doesn’t mean it’s time for your kids to just sit on the couch and eat chips. While they of course deserve a little break from school, they don’t have to be couch potatoes all summer long. That’s why it’s up to you to help keep them active throughout the summer so that they keep their bodies and brains moving. From outdoor to indoor, these are some of our favorite activities that you and your kids will love!

Summer Camp

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Parks, community centers, and churches tend to host summer camps for kids of all ages. This is a great way to get your kids to meet new friends and keep their bodies and brains active. From paint classes to sports programs, you are sure to find something that your kids enjoy and you approve of.

Visit the Pool

If you or your friends don’t have a pool, then visiting the local park’s pool is a great option to keep your kids cool and active. Most park pools are inexpensive and a lot of fun for kids of all ages. From splashing in the shallow end to diving off the high dive, this can keep your kids entertained for hours.

Go on a Hike

Summer time is a great time to explore your city in new heights. Hiking is a free activity that is great exercise and a fantastic way to unplug. If you are new to hiking, start out small and then expand your horizons by finding longer and harder hikes around your area. You will love spending time with your kids and taking them off of their phones, computers, and game consoles to explore.

Daily Reading

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While their bodies are one thing that need to remain active, their brains need to keep on working as well. This is why we encourage you to have reading as a daily activity for your kids. It is a great way to expand their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and their imagination.

Do a Home Improvement Project

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Need a room painted or just some yard work around the house? Luckily, you have some eager helpers on hand! Home improvement projects are a great learning and bonding experience for you and your kids. Learning new skills and a trade around the house will help prepare them for the future as they will need to know how to do some manual labor on their own home. On top of all that, this will keep their bodies moving throughout the whole project.

Take a Bike Ride

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Riding bikes is a great summer activity that the whole family will love. Whether it’s riding around the neighborhood or taking them to the beach, every little bit will keep that body moving and that heart pumping.

Set a Play Date

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Doing activities is much more fun when your kids have someone to play with. Set up a playdate with their friends at the local park, beach, or someone’s house. The kids will get together and play for hours, making your job a little easier as they run around. Make sure to keep the television and video games put away and pull out all the outdoor toys like soccer balls, jump ropes, and skateboards. The more outdoor activity stuff they have access to, the better.

Sign Up for a 5k

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There are plenty of marathons, 10k, and 5k races available to sign up for all year long. This is a great opportunity to introduce your kids and entire family to a structured workout for a great cause. After the race, your entire family will feel accomplished and elated for finishing a great achievement. It just may become a family tradition for the summer.

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