Parenting: Keeping Your Kids Healthy

November 13, 2017

Whether you’re a new parent or already having a growing family, keeping your kids healthy can seem like a hard task, especially with all the new technology to distract them and the constant promos about fast food. One thing you must remember about parenting is that kids learn and adapt habits by how their parents raise them, so this one’s on you, Moms and Dads. Let’s cover some basic ground rules in order to ensure your kids are getting the most out of your parenting and learning great habits to keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

Keep the Technology to a Minimum

Computers, phones, tv, and video games seem to be ruling the world nowadays, especially amongst teens and kids. Limit your kids to a time frame that they are allowed to play video games or watch tv. Keeping them off of the couch will not only help their eyes but will encourage them to get off the couch and do something active.

Be Active

Unfortunately those days where the kids would play in the neighborhood for hours just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. No thanks to technology, the average kid spends hours upon hours of watching tv, playing video games, or scrolling through apps on their phone. Parents aren’t leading the best example either by constantly working on the computer or texting on their phone either. This is where you come into play. You must practice what you preach and be active yourself. Encourage your kids to go outside and play a sport or take them to the park, and join in on the fun!

Introduce Them to the Kitchen

While a trip to McDonald’s may be easier to handle, cooking in the kitchen is a better way to help keep your kids healthy. By taking the kids to fast food, you will be creating an unhealthy habit for you and the kids, resulting in a path to a heart attack. Introduce your kids to cooking healthy meals at home. Getting them used to greens and fruits early on will help them enjoy it at a later time, which means no fussing when you tell them to eat their broccoli.

Reward Them Well

While a trip to get ice cream sounds like a great reward for a kid (and even yourself), try to reward them in some other way than an unhealthy treat or a new video game. Kids pick up on things quickly and easily and you don’t want them doing things just solely for that sweet treat at the end. Our advice is to reward them in more innovative and healthy ways for good behavior or good grades.

Skip The Soda

Giving your children water instead of soda or some fruit juices will be a great way to get them on the right track to leading a healthy lifestyle. This will get them used to drinking the water and not craving those sugar-filled drinks that rot their teeth and lead to fat.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

While you may be extremely busy, having breakfast should be on the top of your list for you and your kids. There’s no lying when people say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Creating this daily routine of having a healthy breakfast at the start of the day will only instill it in your kids to continue it as they grow. By having a breakfast every morning, you are helping your kids grow strong and develop energy in their body and brain to help them learn, grow, and last throughout a long school day.

Set Up Playdates

Friendships are very important when it comes to the development of young kids. Setting up playdates with other kids from the neighborhood or school is a great way to help your kids interact with others and develop valuable social skills such as communication and cooperation. This will not only help your kids in school and social situations, but later on in life as well.

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