Keeping Kids Active At Home

April 27, 2020

With the majority of families staying home, parents are taking on new roles of being co-workers, parents, teachers, and entertainers. While being cooped up at home may not seem ideal for many, there are still plenty of activities you can do with your kids or have your kids do while you try to get some work done. Even though life may seem to be a bit hectic right now, think about the quality time that you are getting to spend with your little ones at home. Make this time a memorable one with the various activities you can set up for your family

Build a Fort

Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about building forts inside the house! This is a staple activity for kids that are cooped up inside. Grab some blankets, sheets, and pillows and rearrange some furniture to help your kids create their own little space inside your home. This will let your kids be creative and make them feel like a big kid creating their own sanctuary that they get to call their own.

Backyard Camping

Taking a little vacation to the backyard will have your kids feeling like they’re going on an adventure. Pitch up the tent, grab your sleeping bags, and turn on those lanterns. Enjoy the night in the backyard and underneath the stars. Your kids will love this great little getaway and adventure.

Lava Floor

Remember when the floor was lava? Rearrange some furniture and towels on the floor and remind your kids that the floor is lava and that they cannot touch it. They’ll have a blast hopping from couch to couch!

Themed Dinner Nights

Pick one night a week to have themed dinners. Dress up to your theme and cook a meal that will go along with it. One night can be Hawaiian themed where you all dress up in Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts and cook some food on the BBQ. Another night may be Disney-themed where everyone dresses up as their favorite character.

Dance Party

Turn down the lights and turn up the music. Make your living room the newest dance club where you are the DJ. Your kids will love jumping and dancing around to their favorite tunes. Maybe even hang a few colored lights (Christmas lights will do) to set the mood and give your club a fun environment.


Kids love getting involved in the kitchen. Pick a simple and tasty recipe that they will enjoy baking and decorating. Let them help you stir, mix, throw in some chocolate chips, and cover the cake with sprinkles. They’ll love spending this time with you and eating the tasty result.


Your kids will love playing in the dirt. Help them set up a nice little garden by digging little holes to plant some flowers, veggies, fruits, and more! They will be so excited when they see their plants grow.


LEGOs can keep kids entertained for hours, just try to avoid stepping on one! Set up an area in your home that your kids can build their LEGOs. This is the perfect thing for your kids to use their imaginations and explore their creativity. You may find out that you have a future architect on your hands.

Chalk it Up

Playing with chalk is a childhood staple. Get some colorful chalk and let your kids do some drawing on the sidewalk. You can even help them leave messages of encouragement to the healthcare workers, truck drivers, and delivery men and women, working hard every day to keep us safe.

Kid Yoga

Kid yoga is a great way to have your kids get some exercise, wind down, and stretch. Fortunately, if you are not too knowledgeable about yoga yourself, you can easily find videos online for your kids to follow. You can leave them to it or even join in with them so that they feel encouraged to keep on going.

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