7 Ways To Improve Your Work Performance

July 15, 2019

Your work performance is an important factor in your career and overall life. Managing your day-to-day tasks and staying on top of your job will not only help you further your career, but give you a sense of power, control, and pride in where you are at within your position. These seven tips will help you improve your work performance and have you on your way to being a total boss!


Staying organized should be a top priority when it comes to your work performance. From organizing your desk and desktop on your computer to organizing your thoughts, organization is the key to a successful day and career. It’s important to know where your materials are when they are needed and to not get overwhelmed with multiple tasks when they are asked of you. Organization will help you control each and every aspect of that.


By prioritizing your daily tasks, you will soon better manage and accomplish each one at hand. When multiple tasks are thrown to you at once, take a minute to jot them all down and prioritize each of them by importance. Understanding what is the most important and time-sensitive project should come first, while the others will soon follow once the most important has been completed.

Set Milestones

Whether you just started a new job or are well into your career, setting milestones for yourself will give you the motivation and determination that you need to achieve your goals and prove to your team and company that you are an important aspect to their success. Set goal dates for large projects that need to get done and even milestones of moving up in your career. Once you hit each big milestone, you deserve to reward yourself with a nice meal or a pampering day at the spa.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is important for your brain and body! Give yourself a snack break or take a quick walk outside to see the sunlight. While this may seem like it is taking you away from your actual work, you may find that that little break was all you needed to re-energize yourself and knock this project out of the park. If you do not let your mind rest, you just may become less productive throughout the day and even slip up on little tasks that normally come easy to you.

Minimize Distractions

Tiny distractions that don’t seem like such a big deal can actually impact your work performance greatly. Distractions such as personal emails, texts from your friends, and even those chatty co-workers in the hallway can break your concentration and set you off track. Turn off your email notifications, turn off your phone or put it away, and put those headphones on to keep those chatty co-workers off of your mind (and out of your ear) as you work to complete your tasks.

Get Feedback

Many people wait to speak about their performance with their boss until their 6-month or even 1-year review. But we say, “Why wait?” Take it upon yourself to get feedback from your superior ahead of time, whether it be over lunch or a quick chat in his or her office. Knowing how well you are doing and if what you are doing is aligned with your boss’ expectations and goals will let you know if you need to ramp it up or continue on with your daily routine. Plus, speaking with your boss about your performance shows initiative and will prove that you want to always do your best.

Maintain Your Health

Simply put, your health affects the way you perform at work. If you are constantly sick, chances are you will be taking some sick days, which can set you back at work. Plus, if you aren’t eating healthy, working out, and getting enough sleep, you will likely feel sluggish and tired each day. You need that energy each and every day to get you through your work week and to accomplish those goals!

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