5 New Picture Books To Read With Dad On Father’s Day

June 14, 2018

By: Charnaie Gordon

One of my favorite traditions is for my kids to give my husband a book for Father’s Day. It’s a tradition I’ve come to cherish over the past few years because each book we’ve gifted has brought smiles of recognition and sparks of inspiration.

I like to find books that highlight some of the simple things that make dads awesome like: spending time together chasing a ball, engaging in roughhouse play and going on adventures. I also like books that feature prominent fathers who make kids feel protected, loved, proud and cherished. These are the kinds of memories children will treasure most.

This year while looking for books, I decided to focus on books that were published within the last year. Each one of the books listed below offer sweet stories of love and adventure with little ones and their Dads and are the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Enjoy!

Dad By My Side by Soosh

This is the book my kids will be gifting to their father this year. It’s a heartwarming story of a father and his daughter and the wonderful bond they share. The father is depicted as a protective, gentle giant who understands the emotional needs of his daughter. Readers will see the father sewing, plaiting his daughter’s hair, cooking and playing. I think adults will appreciate the very positive father daughter relationship shown in this book, while making it relatable to children.

My Daddy Rules the World: Poems about Dads by Hope Anita Smith

My Daddy Rules the World features fifteen heartwarming poems about fatherhood told in a child’s voice. Children are shown being involved in everyday activities such as reading, dancing, playing music, and eating. A lovely ode to every man either fathering a child or men who stand in the gap offering guidance, love, and support to children in need.

Daddy, Me and the Magic Hour by Laura Melmed

While summer boasts of outdoor activities and larger-than-life experiences, this book serves as a beautiful reminder to slow down and make special memories with those that you know and love best. I love the bond between the father and son and the nightly routine they follow outside during their “magic hour”.

Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal

Alma and How She Got Her Name is a story about a little girl named Alma who is initially unhappy with her long name. She has six names: Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela. After Alma’s father tells her the story of her name she appreciates it and fully accepts it. I love that Alma’s father goes on to tell her different stories of where each of the remaining names came from. Each story provides Alma with a sense of identity through time, and helps her understand who she is in the world. A cute book that not only shows the bond between a father and daughter, but also has wonderful messages of acceptance, family, heritage, culture, love and individuality.

Franny’s Father is a Feminist by Rhonda Leet

I adore this simple, yet powerful book that challenges gender stereotypes and breaks down feminism and equality in a way that’s easy for small children to understand. It’s great for showing how having a feminist dad (or positive male figure) can play a vital role in the empowerment of young children.

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