Why Pharma-ceutical Grade Nutrition Supplements Are Superior

March 30, 2020

Getting a good amount of nutrients and vitamins is crucial to living a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, getting the adequate amount of necessary nutrients and vitamins isn’t as easily found in the foods we eat nor easily accessible. With that in mind, there are supplements out in the market that can offer you the ability to get the nutrients and vitamins you need with a quick swallow. But before you go shopping the market for supplements, you must know that not all are created equal. Pharmaceutical nutrition supplements are far superior to any generic supplement for a number of reasons.

99% Pure

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements must exceed 99% purity, ensuring the consumer that they are getting the highest quality products available. Most supplements on the market are not able to make this claim. In fact, less than 3% of the supplements and vitamins on the market can claim to be a pharmaceutical-grade due to the 99% purity standard.

Maximum Absorption

Giving you what you pay for and what your body deserves, pharmaceutical nutrition supplements offer you maximum absorption of the nutrients and vitamins that are packed in the supplement. This means maximum health benefits and faster results with no dangerous side effects.

Contain Less Fillers

Many non-pharmaceutical supplements contain extra ingredients that are simply fillers in the supplements. These fillers tend to be dyes, preservatives, and other unknown substances that offer zero health benefits.

Made From Raw Materials

What makes one supplement superior to others is how the materials are grown. If the supplements are made from raw materials, you will be getting the best option possible. Always do your research on the brands that interest you by looking at the source of their ingredients. By doing so, you will be more confident and informed about the safety and effectiveness products you choose.


All true pharmaceutical-grade supplements are produced in a non-allergen facility free from dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, nuts, and other ingredients viewed as common allergens. This means production equipment isn’t shared with food processing machines, nor produced in the same facility with other allergens.

You Tend to Get What You Pay For

With supplements, you tend to get what you pay for. The more expensive brands do tend to be the most pure, whereas the cheaper brands may contain plenty of fillers, inactive ingredients, and less pure and raw ingredients. Until you do your full research on a brand, don’t automatically assume the claims on the label are accurate. If your health and wellness is a priority, you may want to consider investing in products that are high quality and meet the highest standards.

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