7 Ways To Heat Up Your Love Life

February 12, 2018

The thrill you once held in the beginning of your relationship may have dwindled, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. It is completely normal for things to cool down after you have been in a relationship for a long time. Things aren’t new to you anymore, and you’ve most likely stopped trying to impress him like you once did at the beginning of your relationship. But just because things haven’t been hot in a while, doesn’t mean that it’s a lost cause. All you need to do is heat things up a bit to bring back that fire that you once had. We’ve got a few things up our sleeves to help you spice things up a bit in your relationship to make it feel hot and brand new again.

Date Night

Life gets hectic at times and it may be hard to focus solely on your relationship. Work, kids, errands, they all may get in the way of that romance that you once had with each other. With that, we encourage you to plan a date night every so often to give you that one-on-one time. Call the sitter and turn off your phones that cause a distraction. This is your time to sip on some drinks and enjoy some good food, flirting, and affection that you may forget to show when life gets in the way.

Workout Together

If working out is already a part of your regular routine, then throw your man into the mix! And if not, then get to it! Working out together to achieve a goal is a great way to connect with one another. After all, if you’re going to get in shape, you might as well do it together because you both will have results to appreciate.


Take it back to when you first met or started dating each other. Did sparks fly? Was it love at first sight? Take some time to express and remind each other how you felt at the beginning of your relationship. What attracted you to one another? Was it his smile, his sense of humor, or just the way that he made you feel comfortable whenever you were together? Reminding your loved one why you first fell in love with him is a great way to feel connected again and to reignite that flame.

Leave Love Notes 

A quick little Post-it or text is an easy way to flirt with your loved one and to remind him that you’re thinking of him. Leave a little memo to your man on a Post-it where he can see it around the house. Tell him what you’re thinking and how he makes you feel.

Be Adventurous 

We’re firm believers in getting risky before frisky. With that in mind, we encourage you to try something new and exciting, and maybe a bit dangerous. Go rock climbing, take a lap around the track in a fast car, or even skydive. These activities are certainly ways to get your blood pumping.  This is because trying something new and exciting releases dopamine that triggers the pleasure points of your brain.


Life tends to get in the way of relationships sometimes. It’s no secret that the daily stress that you may endure from work can be brought back into your own home and take a toll on your relationship for no apparent reason. We recommend to get away from all the hustle and bustle that life brings you by taking a vacation together. Getting away from the stress and enjoying a new location and experience will bring the two of you closer. There’s just something special about walking hand-in-hand as you explore a new place.

Keep Phones & TV Out of the Bedroom

There are so many distractions that can prevent you from giving your full attention to your relationship. From your phone and all of the social media that comes with it to the TV that you flip on every night before you fall asleep, the distractions are plentiful. These should all be avoided when it comes to your bedroom. Take the TV out of the room and turn your phones off because your bedroom should be distraction-free and become your sanctuary. When you get in bed you should be able to lie down together, talk about your day, and cuddle up.

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