Tummy Targeting Workouts

February 18, 2019

One of the biggest problem areas for women is their tummy. While cardio and a healthy diet are the first couple steps to getting that body you want, toning up that tummy takes a little more work. These moves will have you on your way to that tight stomach, strong core, and visible abs that you’re craving.



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The plank may be one of the best workouts there are around. When all you need is your body to complete this workout, who could refuse to try this one? Lie down on your stomach with your forearms on the floor underneath your chest. Digging your toes into the floor, lift your pelvis off of the floor, holding yourself up with your forearms. Your body should be level throughout from your head to your heels. Hold this position for thirty seconds to a minute. Increase your time as you improve. For an even harder workout, add weight to your back.

Russian Twists


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Another workout that you can do with or without weights are Russian twists. They are great for targeting those obliques (or “love handles,” as many of us like to call them). Sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Slowly lean back a tad and lift your feet off the floor, holding your legs up where your shins are parallel to the sky. By holding your hands together, begin twisting your torso to either side, tapping the floor by your hip on each side as you twist. You will certainly feel a burn in your abs as you twist your torso and are holding up your legs. Tap each side 25 times. For a bigger workout, grab some dumbbells or a medicine ball to hold in your hands as you twist.

Flutter Kicks


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Flutter kicks are great for targeting the lower abs, one of the biggest problem areas for women. This workout is so simple, yet so tough! Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms extended out at your sides. Lift your heels about six inches off of the floor and quickly flutter your feet by kicking your feet up and down like you are swimming. Flutter for 30 seconds, rest, and then do another 30 seconds.

Leg Raises


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Leg raises are another great ab exercise to target that lower tummy. Lie on the floor with your hands under your butt or by grabbing onto the legs of a chair behind you for support. With your legs straight out, slowly raise them up so that they are perpendicular with the floor. Then, slowly lower them back down to where your feet hover just above the ground. Repeat this motion for 25 reps, rest, and then repeat.

Mountain Climbers


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A great mix of cardio and ab strengthening, mountain climbers will surely put your body to the test.

Staring in a pushup position on the floor, drive one knee up to your chest, then quickly drive it back while you raise the opposite knee. You will essentially be doing high knees in a pushup position. Make sure that you keep your back and hips level so that you get the most out of this workout.



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V-Ups are a great ab workout that will hit all the spots in your stomach. Lie on your back on the floor with your hands extended above your head and your feet stretched out straight. Then, lift your legs and your torso up simultaneously so that your body creates a V. Reach your fingertips to your toes, then slowly lower back down to the starting position. This is one rep. Repeat the move 25 times, then repeat.

Side Plank


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The side plank is a stability exercise that targets your obliques, giving you long and lean muscles. Lie on your left side, resting your left forearm on the floor for support. Raise your hips up so your body forms a straight line, putting your weight onto your left forearm and your left foot. Squeeze those abs for stability and you will feel the burn! Hold the position for 30 seconds to a minute.

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