The Power Of Forgiveness

January 15, 2018

Whether family or friend, organic relationships will ebb and flow. In family, siblings can get married and move away, or extended family can be become immediate family. And the transience of friendships is only emphasized since they are voluntary relationships. And sometimes there is a dull ache preceding a relationship, clothed in bitterness.

Perhaps you’ve fought with your best friend over minutia but it’s escalated into a war of words. Maybe your father didn’t purse the expected relationship with you. Or maybe your spouse and you haven’t seen eye to eye in some time.

Regardless of where we come from, people share a longing to be wholly accepted and loved. Forgiveness of others, and forgiveness sometimes of ourselves, is incorporated in human need. It is not weakness- it is the strength and courage to overcome personal wanting of justice in order to love well.

Is it easy? No. That’s what makes it powerful.

Humans are not meant to be solitary creatures except in rare circumstances. Yet even healthy relationships include strife and conflict resolution.

Be encouraged by this: there is a time for everything in life: a time to grow, a time to prosper, a time to suffer and press on. Times of life are seasonal- from the weather to circumstances. Each day is an opportunity to put on gratefulness and kindness, and embrace the day along with the people around you. Though there will be mornings tougher than others, perhaps dragging tendrils of a stressful night, each day is always a fresh opportunity. And every morning is a gift.

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