Spring Pampering With Home Made Simple

April 26, 2019

For the past 15 years, Home Made Simple has worked to help families find simple solutions to everyday domestic challenges. Throughout its evolution, Home Made Simple has found its way from your computer screen as a newsletter to your television as an Emmy-winning show, for which I proudly serve as the host. I’m SO excited to announce that Home Made Simple is now physically available to help you tackle life’s messes with the introduction of a new line of plant-based cleaning products!

Bringing its easy-living principles to life in the form of this new cleaning collection, Home Made Simple has officially provided us all with naturally-inspired, plant-based cleaning products that get the job done. The new line includes foaming hand soap, dish soap, multi-purpose spray, laundry detergent and fabric softener.

I am thrilled to be a part of this next chapter for Home Made Simple. It hits close to home — literally. I am a huge proponent of using plant-based products, especially around my kids, but the truth is many just don’t get the job done.

Home Made Simple, on the other hand, really works. And in true Home Made Simple fashion, it’s made simply with everything you need to get the job done and nothing that you don’t.

With its subtle scents of lemon, lavender and rosemary, I could close my eyes and swear I’m standing in a fresh, airy garden. Cleaning my home with Home Made Simple gives me the same sensation after spritzing my face with rose water — fragrant, refreshed, and pampered.

For me personally, I love pairing each scent with a specific task.

Using the lavender laundry detergent (which works in cold water!) and lavender foaming hand soap gives you a clean, floral scent. On top of smelling nice all day, the detergent and fabric softener are gentle on my clothes, the soap gentle on my hands. It’s also comforting to know my children aren’t wearing harsh chemicals on their bodies.

The lemon dish soap leaves my dishes sparkling with its super fresh scent. In fact, my husband’s habit of “soaking” the dishes doesn’t seem to bother me as much as it used to.

And finally for rosemary, my favorite scent of all, I use with the multi-purpose spray to give my home that earthy, herbal and natural scent that brings me peace of mind.

This Spring, don’t just clean your home: Pamper it! After all, it protects your family and holds your best memories. It deserves a little love.

Make it simple. Make it home. Make it you.

You can find the collection at Walmart or by visiting www.walmart.com.


This post is sponsored by Home Made Simple.
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