How To Reduce & Cleanse Radiation From Your Electronic Devices

June 29, 2020

Ever since the cell phone was invented, it quickly became something that was attached to our hip. Now, it has become an addicting piece of technology that seems like no one can get by in life without having one in their hands. As technology has evolved, it is quite amazing what has been done and what can still be done just with the touch of a button or even with a simple voice command. While our world is quickly evolving and it amazes us each day what they come out with, we have to keep in mind the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that we are now facing as we use our piece of technology every day.

Frequent exposure to electromagnetic fields has been linked to health risks such as tumors and cancer. While some can be affected quicker than others, and even feel instant pain when they are on their phone for too long, long term health risks are certainly an important factor when considering how you expose yourself to electromagnetic frequency. Exposure from simple items such as your microwave, Wi-Fi router, cell phone, and the power lines are all linked to pulses of radiation that can cause a health risk from EMF.

While it may seem near impossible to get rid of every piece of technology you own or even get near, you can take certain measures to help prevent EMF and cleanse your body from it. Here are simple ways to reduce your EMF exposure.

Airplane Mode

You are instructed to turn your phone onto airplane mode when you take a flight because a phone’s radio emissions can be very strong, up to eight watts. With it so strong for pilots and air traffic controllers while flying, imagine how strong it is against your head! With that said, turn your airplane mode on your phone when you know you won’t need it right away, such as while you are asleep, in a class or at work.


Chlorophyll has been linked to protecting our bodies from radiation. Fortunately, finding chlorophyll is as easy as going to the produce section. Leafy greens, green veggies, sea plants, and algae all contain a great amount of chlorophyll. It’s actually where they get their distinctive color from!

Good Reception

Only try to use your phone to make calls or texts when you have good reception. The weaker your reception, the more power your phone has to use. When your phone is pumping out more power to get better reception, the more radiation your body is exposed to.


Iodine supplementation may help you detox from heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum, all of which can come from EMF. Since iodine occurs in ocean sediments and ocean water, top sources include seafood, shellfish, and sea vegetables or seaweed, all of which are iodine superfoods.

Place Your Wi-Fi

Your wireless connection attaches to your computer, phone, tablet, game console, and TV, so it is putting off a lot of signals from that little box. With that in mind, you want to place your Wi-Fi in a designated spot that you are not constantly visiting. Since you may spend a lot of time in the bedroom or kitchen, try placing it somewhere else that you don’t frequent, such as a guest bedroom.


Studies done by NASA researches have proven the benefits of having plants in and around your house as they are a natural way to clean the air by absorbing toxins. Recommended plants include the peace lily, chrysanthemums, cacti (which absorb EMFs, and reduce computer radiation and indoor pollution), and Aloe (used medicinally in support of detoxification of radiation and EMF exposure).

Power Down

Not only will this help you save money on your electricity bill, it will also help you get rid of EMF exposure. Power down your electronics when they are not in use. A couple of examples include turning off your cell phone at night while you do not need it and unplugging your Wi-Fi router when it is not in use. Your body may even feel the difference when your electronics are powered down.

Six Feet Away

It is recommended to place your electronic items at least six feet away from your bed while you sleep. The more distance you put between yourself and the electromagnetic field, the better.


Spice up your meals to give them a little EMF protection. Cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cloves, and rosemary have all been linked to helping protect and repair damage from EMF due to their protective capacity against peroxynitrite.

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