How To Find Your Inner Drive

March 11, 2019

Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or land your dream job, sometimes we all just need a little motivation. From life simply getting in the way to fear of the journey, it is very common to procrastinate for so many various reasons. We’re here to give you some tips to help you find your inner drive so that you can achieve those goals you’ve been trying to reach.

Find a Friend

Going on a new journey alone can be a very difficult feat. By finding a friend to take the journey with, you will have someone there with you every step of the way. Be willing to let them hold you accountable for something you did not achieve that you had set yourself out to do. They are there to motivate you, hold you accountable, and be there with you to understand the steps you are taking to achieve a common goal.

Show Up

Waiting for motivation to start a task or project will get you nowhere. Sometimes motivation just doesn’t happen that easily and pop up out of nowhere. With that, we advise you to just show up! Start your day with an exercise class if you are looking to lose weight. Clean up your resume and apply to jobs if you aren’t currently happy with your job now. It’s best just to show up and do some work! Inspiration is likely to come after you’ve done the first few steps to achieving your goal.

Build a Habit

Consistency comes from habit, and if you want to do something consistently, whether working out, eating right, or just hanging out with friends, you must make it part of your daily routine. Find a time in the day that best suits you, whether it’s in the morning before any distraction comes, or later in the night when you’ve gotten everything out of the way. Then, set forward to sticking to your routine, such as preparing a healthy lunch the night before. Once you’ve built a consistent habit of steps towards achieving your end goal, that inner drive will kick in. You will be able to see that end result inch closer and closer every day.

Know There Will Be Obstacles

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Keep this in mind as you go through the steps of achieving a goal. Instead of backing down when an obstacle appears, think ahead and know that there will be obstacles along the way. Knowing that there will be roadblocks or dead ends, you can think ahead and come up with ways of how to overcome or get around each one. Overcoming each obstacle is a little win in itself and will give you a little more drive to keep on going. Plus, it’s no fun when things are too easy!

Visualize Success

Envisioning success can sometimes be enough to motivate you to achieve your goal. But if you need a little reminder, make that dream more visual by creating a vision board that displays what you are trying to achieve. Place a picture of your dream home on the board if your end goal will give you enough money to put a down payment on your first home, or maybe throw up a picture of your favorite bikini or little black dress that you want to fit into when you’ve reached your ideal figure. Seeing that board every day will show you some reasons why you are working so hard and give you that drive to keep on pushing.

Write It Down

Keeping a journal is a great way for you to track your progress as well as jot down all of your thoughts and emotions you feel along the way. If you had a bad day, feel free to vent by writing about it in your journal. It’s a great way to let out emotions without taking it out on yourself in other ways (like that bowl of ice cream we go to when we’re feeling down). Don’t forget to write down any achievements you made along the way and note how your mood was when you succeeded. Looking back at your journal is a great way to see how far you’ve come and the obstacles you overcame. You will soon become your very own motivator just by reading about your personal journey.

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