Eight Secrets To A Healthy Marriage

June 24, 2019

Many people dream about having their happily ever after. While life as Cinderella and Prince Charming may seem like a true fairytale, the fact is, life isn’t a Disney movie. Real life is full of ups and downs and has a little bit of chaos thrown in there along the way. But with all that goes on, how do you keep the marriage alive and healthy? A healthy and happy marriage is built on the experiences you both go through and the bond that you create going through the crazy things that life throws at you. It takes a lot of work, but these secrets will help you enjoy a healthy marriage for years to come.


First and foremost, communication is key. Strong and healthy marriages are built on good communication, meaning you each should feel comfortable discussing something when it is bothering you. If something has upset you, you should be able to talk about it with your partner. And in return, your partner should listen and comprehend what has made you upset. Listening to each other’s feelings is an important aspect of a relationship that everyone can learn from. If you don’t communicate with your partner what has upset you, then how are they supposed to know what went wrong? By communicating with each other, there will be a learning process that will help avoid the same problem in the future.

Remember That You’re on the Same Team

You both decided that you want to live this life together, so why fight that? If the two of you end up in an argument, you must remember to solve the issue together because the argument in itself is what is separating you. You should remember to establish common goals and strive to achieve them together. One team, one dream.

Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

Like we said before, life is full of ups and down. There’s no chance that life will go as smoothly as we all would have hoped. So with that said, we say to not stress the small stuff. There’s no reason to pick an argument over such minor things. Enjoy the journey and let the small stuff go. Sometimes it’s best to just laugh about it later, rather than stress about it now.

Show Respect for Each Other

We’ve all heard it before, “Treat others how you would like to be treated.” While this may go for anyone in the public that you meet, it certainly reflects upon how you treat your partner as well. Nothing can damage a relationship quicker than put-downs and criticism. So, pick them up, encourage them, and respect them how you would want to be respected. Marriage should be an equal partnership, and respect certainly falls in that category.

Make Time for Each Other

Life gets busy between work, kids, friends, and anything else that may be thrown your way. But, that shouldn’t all get in the way of your marriage. Spending time together is necessary to grow and keep a strong bond with each other. Make it a point to go out to dinner regularly or find an activity that the two of you can take on together. The alone time you have together will help keep your marriage healthy. Studies have even shown that adrenaline inducing activities brings people closer, so why not go sky diving?

Be Intimate

It’s important to keep that chemistry alive in a relationship. Being intimate with one another can bring couples closer in a sexual and spiritual way. Without intimacy, you may feel like the two of you are more like roommates than an actual couple. Sex can bring a couple closer by having each other feel desired, loved, and protected.

Show Your Feelings

When you love someone, they should be able to see and feel it. Tell them you love them, go out of your way to make them happy, and hold their hand. Physical signs of love, such as holding hands or kissing them goodbye, and even little favors along the way make your partner feel the love. Giving a bouquet of flowers just because and making your partner his or her favorite meal are the little gestures that can go a long way.

Never Take Each Other For Granted

After years of being together, it is common to feel really comfortable in your marriage. While being comfortable with something may seem nice, it is common to begin to expect things once you’ve reached that point of complacency. With that said, be sure to never take each other for granted. Avoid assumptions and show respect for each other. Offer to do something for one another and show them your appreciation.

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