7 Signs You Need to Detox Now

October 5, 2020

As you may or may not have discovered, I have a firm belief in the benefits of detoxing for your health. The purpose is to give your body a break from processed food and refined sugar.

But it’s not just what you eat that’s blocking your progress. Did you know that every single day our bodies may be bombarded by up to 80,000 harmful toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals? What’s worse is that these killers are invisible and found in nearly everything we eat, drink, and breathe.

Not to mention the potential dangers of 5G. Soon we’ll be under attack by these high-frequency millimeter waves, and while the technology may be faster, these new EMFs may increase oxidative damage, induce brain fog and suppress the immune system.

All of us suffer from chronic exposure one way or another, which can lead to serious health issues. Most people don’t even realize they may be suffering from toxic overload! But there are telltale signs, and here are the seven most common.

7 Common Symptoms of Chronic Toxic Exposure

1. Constant Fatigue
If your fatigue is caused by accumulated toxins in your body, coffee and sleep won’t help. You have to address the root issue of toxicity, and evidence suggests that if you detoxify your body, you could significantly improve your energy levels.

2. Immune System Issues
Toxins can overtax your immune system in two ways. First, air pollutants can weaken the immune system making you more susceptible to germs, while other toxins can overstimulate the immune system, causing it to overreact and create autoimmune issues. Neither option is optimal and can lead to frequent colds, multiple infections, sinus problems and issues with the digestive tract like bloating, and weight gain.

3. Skin Issues
Another common sign your body has too many built-up toxins is skin complications. Your skin is one of the first things to reveal that something is going wrong in your body. This includes breakouts, dry skin, rashes, and itchy patches.

4. Difficulty Concentrating
Toxins and heavy metals can sabotage your concentration or make you feel like you have brain fog. It’s been shown that even just a small amount of pesticide exposure can significantly decrease your ability to focus and think clearly.

5. Frequent Headaches
Headaches are a bit like fatigue in the sense that they’re a symptom of numerous health problems. But if you’ve ruled out other common causes such as muscle tension from poor posture or food sensitivities, it’s possible that your headaches could be caused by toxins.

6. Trouble Losing Weight
Perhaps the most surprising sign you need to detox is if you have trouble losing weight. I always recommend choosing organic, non-GMO ingredients and to eliminate toxins and additives as much as possible, but some unavoidable toxins found in plastic are actually obesogens that can cause unwanted weight gain.

7. Sleep Problems
Have you experienced problems falling or staying asleep? Who hasn’t? Part of the reason is using electronics, watching TV or eating before bed. But there’s increasing evidence that toxins could be a part of the problem.

I can’t think of one person who hasn’t or doesn’t experience one or more of these issues, and while toxin avoidance is important, there are massive amounts of toxins in our bodies that have already been accumulating for years.

That’s why you need a one-two punch for full body defense.

Step one is toxin avoidance, which is why I formulated my spice blends to have only organic, non-GMO ingredients that are free of sugar and have no chemical additives.

Step two is detox. While my 14-Day Ultimate Cleanse Kit helps detoxify the digestive system and replenish gut health, it’s vital to also detoxify your body on a deeper level. I’m talking down to our cells, the core of our health.

It turns out the world’s most effective detoxifier and cell cleanser comes straight from Mother Nature. It’s a natural mineral called zeolite, and if you’ve already heard about this mineral, it’s because countless studies and real-life stories show it can rid your body of existing toxins that have built up over time, help fortify it against new stresses like 5G and replenish your overall health in a big way.

The Mineral Defense Everyone Needs Right Now

Clinical studies have shown that zeolite, in the proper form, can eliminate heavy metals and other toxins from the body—leading to better sleep, improved mental clarity, greater energy, and strengthened immunity—something everyone can benefit from right now!

The simple version of how zeolite is able to detox heavy metals and other toxins goes back to science class and how opposites attract (just like magnets). The zeolite is naturally negatively-charged and binds to positively-charged toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. It only takes the bad out, not the good so it provides a safe and gentle detox for the whole body.

Pure Body Extra But not all zeolite products are small enough to be absorbed or optimized for detox. To win the fight against toxins, you need to use the best, and the one I reach for is called Pure Body Extra Strength. There’s no taste, no smell, no hassle. In just a few quick sprays a day, it’s my go-to for knocking out toxins every single day.

Normally it retails at $79.95, but I negotiated a special offer exclusively for my readers to try it out! Today, you can get your first full-sized bottle of Pure Body Extra Strength for just $5 bucks.

Plus, you get free shipping when you select auto-ship, which also locks in a 20% off member discount and free shipping every month after that.

There’s no catch, there is a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee and you can turn off the subscription at any time. Although I’m sure once you see how powerful this product is, like me, you’ll never want to be without it.

The only thing is, there are only so many bottles I can give away at this price, so I encourage you to jump on your chance to knock out toxins today.

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