Top Tech Presents This Year

‘Tis the season to bring out all the fun new toys! If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone that loves technology, then we’ve got you covered. Anywhere from the foodie to the couch potato, you’re sure to find the present of the year to wrap and put under that tree.



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Smart, sophisticated, and a beautiful display. No, we’re not talking about a woman, it’s the new LG 4K TV that is at the top of many people’s list for Christmas this year. With up to a 77 inch display, it’s Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, making watching TV easier than it has ever been.

Starting at $1696.99 on Amazon

Smart Yoga Mat


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For the techy yogi, this yoga mat brings your yoga flow to a whole new level. Paired with Amazon Alexa, this mat takes simple voice commands to take you through your flow. And at the end of your workout, it rolls itself back up, making your cool down that much easier.

Get it for $89.99 on Amazon

Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush


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Equipped with a charging station, three replacement heads, Bluetooth connectivity and a travel case, this Oral-B toothbrush set is sure to have you smiling all year round. With this, there will be no excuse to get the best fresh, clean feeling every night and morning.

Get it for $119.89 on Amazon

Hurom Juicer


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If you’re looking for a great present that is built for a healthy eater, then this juicer may be the perfect fit! The Hurom juicer is here for all your juicing needs and looks fantastic in the kitchen with its sleek design. Plus, it’s easy to clean and you get to choose how much pulp you want with its slow squeeze technology.

Get it for $439 on Hurom

Google Home Hub


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Get the help you need at a glance so you can get right back to what matters. Google Home Hub, available now at Google Store.

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The new voice-activated speaker display is a perfect gift for the holidays. Connecting to all of your Google accounts, and of course the Internet, you can practically have anything you desire from your traffic report before commuting to your favorite videos, or even pulling up a new recipe.

Get it for $149 at Google Store

Ring Video Doorbell 2


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Give the gift of safety this year. Combined with Amazon Alexa, you can have a two-way talk with your visitors and will get a notification if your doorbell is rung or if it senses motion. This little present this year could be more than just a gift, it’s security.

Get it for $199 on Amazon

Story Bike


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Listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, this electric bicycle is a fantastic present for someone who loves the outdoors. With a 45 mile battery range, speeds up to 20 MPH, and a USB charger, you will be set to ride from sunrise to sunset. Best of all, Story Bikes is on a philanthropic mission – for every bike purchased, they will give a bike to someone in Africa.

Starting at $1695 on Story Bicycles

Greater Goods Digital Smart Food Scale


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For the foodie and home cook, this scale will make your daily cooking that much easier. This scale will help you accurately weigh and measure your food, plus it also displays the nutritional value of up to 2,000 different food options. Healthy eating has never been easier!

Get it for $39.99 on Amazon

Google WiFi System 3 Pack


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Spotty WiFi sucks, so make sure that doesn’t happen with this 3-pack Wifi package from Google. Replace your current router with Google’s simple and sleek design that can cover up to 1,500 sq. feet for one of them – that’s up to 4,500 sq. feet for the pack!

Get it for $249 on Amazon

Apple AirPods


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Apple AirPods are the best thing since iPhones. Listen to your music and talk on the phone hands-free without wires getting in the way. Perfectly compatible with your iPhone, the AirPods are small, sleek and incredibly smart. They automatically power on and connect to your phone when they are taken out of your charging case and they even pause your music if you remove it from your ear.

Get it for $154 on Amazon

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