The Best New Year’s Resolutions

The first day of two thousand eighteen starts TODAY. Which means it’s a fresh new week on top of being a brand new year. Being thoughtful of the year to come, these New Year’s Resolutions have the theme of time; how do you spend it and where. This year, let’s aim to work hard and play hard. Set goals that grow each time you accomplish one.

Set A Time To Exercise More

If you don’t already have a consistent workout schedule, this year is the time to make one. Discipline and consistency are everything if you want results. And not just for physical appearance, but also to keep your body healthy. Exercise promotes blood flow, can help with cholesterol, anxiety, and many other healthy benefits. Your body will thank you if you can set aside a little bit of time, even 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week. And then from those minutes, you can grow to half hours, then to hours. It’s about keeping your routine, and striving for more.

Spend More Time Focused On Balance

The lives we lead in this age are incredibly fast paced. Unlimited information is at our fingertips, world news is accessible to us almost immediately, and our phones are physically reminding of us of our to-do lists and people we need to see. Whether it be setting aside time to meditate, or be alone and quiet for a while, balance is often lost in the day-to-day. Be resolute to make time to complement the schedule and to-do lists you keep.

Create Time For Family Ventures

Time spent with family members is precious. Especially in this holiday season, as those who don’t have the opportunity are keenly aware. This year, challenge yourself to set aside time to be with your family. Maybe a little time off work, or just save a weekend or off day for your family to be together. There’s fellowship in enjoying new experiences together, but also in lounging around the house in your PJ’s. Family isn’t always going to be around, so this year make it priority to be with them.

Make A Time To Do Something Different

How would you know you like brussel sprouts with bacon if you had never tried it? Or that secretly your passion lies in running marathons or traveling to island countries? Try something new at least twice this year. (Always try something twice, because the first time doesn’t really count.) Trying something new will expose you to new ideas, cultures, possibilities.. And it is a tool for success. Some of the most accomplished people in the world wouldn’t be where they are if they hadn’t tried something new.

The Key Is To Set Aside The Time

Though these New Year’s resolutions theme is time, the necessity of discipline is vital. This year, don’t let the busy flow of life distract you from the personal goals you may set. When the kids are home, the laundry is very where, and that meeting at work is looming over your head, is when the discipline of setting aside time for things is most important. Enjoy this year; it’s a new morning January first. Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)



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