Sports That Will Help You Get In The Best Shape

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The Harvard School of Public Health explains that obesity is a major problem in America, and it results from energy imbalance. Simply, too many calories consumed and too few calories burned equal an increase in body weight, and a host of accompanying chronic illnesses. There are a handful of factors that can reduce this calorie imbalance, and one of the most effective ways is through exercise.

It is highly recommended that you exercise regularly. One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to get into sports. The following five sports, in particular, should be high on your list.


Rowing seems pretty low-key, especially since you spend every second sitting. But this sport “puts your body through the wringer,” according to an article by Cosmopolitan. You row using your arms, back, and legs, and doing so repeatedly burns a lot of calories while also building strength and endurance. Rowing as part of team is great way to motivate yourself to become stronger and fitter.

Calories burned per hour: 682


Swimming is one of the few low-impact sports out there, yet it is nonetheless perfect for weight management because it is an effective aerobic exercise. It works the entire body without straining the joints, which means you get a good, solid workout with very little risk of injury. Just make sure you ramp up the intensity!

Calories burned per hour: 585 (breaststroke), 540 (backstroke), 784 (butterfly)

Marathon Running

Outdoor running is ideal for weight loss as it is the most accessible sport a person can do. A 30-minute run can burn upwards of 300 calories, which is ideal for those who like to workout alone and at their own pace. Marathon running is at the opposite end of the spectrum, and it is common to burn over 1,000 calories in a single event. Preparing and running a marathon is great for weight management because the constant training will help keep you motivated to stay active. The sense of achievement upon completing such a monumental activity will likely spur you on to do more, which in turn will lead to more training.

Calories burned per hour: 1,000–2,000 for a typical 26-mile course


Sure, soccer is not as popular here in the US as it is in other parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider playing it, especially if you’re trying to manage your weight. Professional level soccer matches, like the ones played in the English Premier League, generally last for around 96 minutes. With all the constant running, sudden bursts of speed, and quick changes of direction, even the most well-conditioned players start to get tired by the 58th minute mark, according to extensive research by Coral. This is the time when players start making mistakes due to fatigue. Imagine then how physically taxing it is for amateurs to play soccer. These findings only underscore the intense calorie burning nature of soccer, and this is why it is such a great sport for weight management. Soccer is also a great social sport, and you will find yourself getting healthier among likeminded people.

Calories burned per hour: 900–1400


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Just pedaling on a stationary bike will have you burning 300-calories during a 60-minute session, and that is good enough for weight maintenance. But why settle for 300 when you can burn a lot more by going on the road. Outdoor cycling is much more taxing on the body due to the changes in elevation. In other words, crank up the intensity, get outdoors, and enjoy a terrific calorie burn.

Calories burned per hour: 483

Rowing, swimming, marathon running, soccer, and cycling may be our fabulous 5, but it doesn’t mean they are the only sports that are great for weight management. Any form of activity is beneficial for weight loss whether it is rock climbing or walking. If you want to exercise at home check out ’Our Favorite Workout Videos That’ll Kick You Into Shape’. What’s important is that you find a sport, or exercise, that you enjoy so you can make it an inextricable part of your lifestyle.

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