Why Food for Life?

As a former world champion boxer and health and wellness advocate, my love for food began long before I stepped foot in the ring.

A passionate foodie at the young age of nine, the first dishes I mastered were scrambled eggs and spaghetti.

Through the years my skill set grew, as did my recipe repertoire, and that delicious history is the story behind my first cookbook, Food For Life.

My recipes marry everything I learned as a professional boxer with my love for real, wholesome food.

Every dish is designed to take you on journey and hopefully inspire you to incorporate healthy, delicious foods in your everyday life. —Laila


Laila Ali punches through the clutter with delectable dishes for life.

Dr. Oz

If you're looking to eat right and stay healthy, Laila's book will help you do just that. It's the perfect guide to your daily cooking. This book has flavor!

LL Cool J

Oven fried chicken, seafood gumbo, and sweet potato pie that won't clog up your arteries? Laila's recipes are winning and will keep YOU undefeated!

Steve Harvey

If you’re looking for nutritious recipes that “go the distance” when it comes to flavor, look no further. Laila’s new book shows you how to eat like a champion, without sacrificing taste!

Rachael Ray

Finding Strength, Spirit and Personal Power

Combining a gripping personal story with practical advice on such subjects as diet, training, family, romance, and much more, Laila Ali shows readers of all ages and backgrounds how to transform the demons of self-doubt and stagnation into positive, winning energy.

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