Fabulous Fall Recipes

Fall has arrived so it’s time to break out those delicious fall recipes. From a comforting breakfast hash to a decadent dessert, we’ve covered it all for you to have a fall-flavored dish any time of the day. So warm up those ovens, break out the skillets and head to the store to get your fresh ingredients, because it’s time to get cooking!

Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries


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When you’re trying to eat healthy, the spice cabinet could become your best friend. Just make sure you include some cinnamon to the spice rack because it goes perfectly with sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are flavored with cinnamon and roasted with cranberries to perfection…your taste buds won’t know what hit them. Each bite offers that sweet and savory flavor we all desire. Get the recipe at Little Bits of Real Food + Real Talk.

Fall Breakfast Hash


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Made with butternut squash, bacon, onions, and eggs, this recipe has comfort food written all over it. And of course to make it even healthier, you can use compliant bacon to make it Whole 30 and Paleo. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy dish to make, so grab a large skillet and get cookin’. Get the recipe at Wonky Wonderful.

Pumpkin Hummus


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It’s time for that plain old hummus to take the back seat. Now that fall is officially in season, we’re bringing out pumpkin recipes and this one in particular is the perfect snack for a fall day. Healthy and delicious, pumpkin puree is mixed with chickpeas, lemon juice and olive oil, plus chili powder and cinnamon to give you a little sweet flavoring with a kick. Get the recipe at Kim’s Cravings.

Parmesan Roasted Carrots


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One of the best ways to get the family to eat their vegetables is by serving it warm and topped with some great flavoring. Drizzled with some butter and garlic, and topped with Parmesan cheese and parsley, everyone will fall in love with these veggies, every single bite. Get the recipe at Your Homebased Mom.

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet


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In less than 30 minutes, you can have this meal ready to be devoured. And most importantly, you can make it all in one pan! Yes, we’re talking less dishes! Sweet potatoes, ground turkey, and an array of spices make up this delicious and desirable meal. Get the recipe at Primavera Kitchen.

Creamy Butternut Squash Alfredo Pasta


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Sweet, creamy, and slightly nutty, this meal will hit the spot as the leaves begin to fall. This pasta is gluten free, kid-friendly, and can be made in 30 minutes. Plus, topped with a tiny bit of crunchy bacon, you really can’t go wrong by whipping this one up! Get the recipe at Joyful Healthy Eats.

Maple Roasted Pears


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Dessert doesn’t have to always be a big hunk of chocolate cake. Although that may sound delicious, this recipe may surprise you at how sweet and decadent it is. Pears bake perfectly in the oven, so why not pair them with a delicious topping of apple cider, maple syrup and cinnamon? Oh, and don’t forget a little bit of vanilla ice cream or yogurt to complete the dish! Get the recipe at Amee’s Savory Dish.

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