5 Reasons Athletes Are Great Hires

Playing sports growing up taught us many virtues: the value of teamwork, personal responsibility, hard work and discipline, among other life lessons. As business owners or management, the qualities you look for in a hiree are often found in the people who dedicated their lives to sports. Here’s why:

Naturally Team Players

First and foremost, athletes know what it means to be part of a team. Even an individual sport, like tennis or swim, has a team consisting of coach and player. An athlete knows how to sacrifice for the benefit of the team, communicate interpersonally, how to utilize their strengths, and depend on their teammates and coaches. Flip these into a professional setting, and you have an employee contributing trust, sacrifice and a team oriented mentality.

They’re Self-Disciplined

Personal responsibility is vital to success in sports, as well as a business. A competitor knows the only thing that will set them apart from their competition is how much of an advantage they can give themselves over the next person. So they train harder, strong, faster because they know it’s on their shoulders. This is an attractive trait to a business owner or manager: someone willing to push themselves to and beyond what is needed of them in order to be personally successful in their career.

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

To be effective at your sport, athletes must be comfortable being uncomfortable. For example, when an athlete is training, they are conditioning the body and honing new skills to be the best. And they must be able to perform under high pressure and overcome personal adversity. This is an invaluable asset an employee can bring to the workplace; they will be self-motivated to take on new tasks and face stressful situations head-on.

Competitive By Nature

An athlete’s entire sports career is oriented around competitions, whether they are competing against themselves or against someone else. They will bring their competitive spirit into the workplace as well. The heart of athlete is inspired by the drive of competition. They will desire to learn quickly to adapt and be effective. They will also be committed to the overall success of the business.

They Know How To Learn From Their Mistakes

Failure is integral in an athlete’s endeavors. How will they know what not do? Failure can be discouraging, it can make or break people. But it is also a powerful tool for learning. Athlete’s know how to make a mistake and learn from it, so at the next opportunity they are equipped to overcome. As an employee, this ability can set them apart. They are willing to be wrong in order to achieve beyond what they already have on their own.

In high intensity environments, like a sports competition, you must be able to assess situations quickly and make instinctive decisions. As any business owner knows, anything can happen on a business day, and the team behind you can make or break your success. Hiring people with backgrounds in athletics can provide your team with individuals can who relate to most situations in a professional environment, predisposing them to be some of your most intuitive and hardworking employees.

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